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Toyopet - Datsun

First Toyopet (Toyota) and Datsun (Nissan) in US - Recent Trivia Question


Question for this week: (New question on Wednesdays- answer on Friday)

Q: History was made at the Imported Motor Car Show in Los Angeles, California in January of 1958 when two new makes were introduced at the same time, what were they?

A: The Toyota and Datsun (Nissan) brand names made their first appearances in the United States. Previously, these auto makers had sold in the U.S. only under American-brand names, as part of joint ventures with Ford and GM.



Locomobile Old 16 - Recent Trivia Question


Recent Questions:

Q: In 1966 after 114 years the last Studebaker factory closed down and Studebaker passed into history. What kind of fuel did the first Studebaker vehicles require?

A: Usually grain, hay or grass. Studebaker started in 1852 as a wagon builder and became the world's largest manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages by the time of the Civil War, before becoming an automobile manufacture.


Q: In December 1977 the Plymouth Horizon was first introduced starting a new trend in American cars, what was so different about this relatively inexpensive car?

A: It was the first American-made small car with front-wheel drive. Technical advances in drive technology had reduced the size and cost of front-wheel drive systems. Previous American cars with front wheel drive were high end priced large cars.


Q: In 1922 a Model T rolled off the line as the millionth Ford. What model was the 100 millionth Ford?

A: A 1978 Ford Fairmont four-door sedan.


Q: Rudolph Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine disappeared under mysterious circumstances with international intrigue. What were the circumstances?

A: He vanished during an overnight crossing of the English Channel in 1913 on the mail steamer Dresden. Some suspected that he was murdered by German agents in order to prevent him from disclosing the details of his inventions with the war on the horizon. ( World War I). Diesel had been friendly to France, Britain and the United States.


Q: In 1964 and 1965 a vehicle called the “Green Monster” was often in the news. What was it?

A: A land-speed racer built using a military surplus J79 jet aircraft engine with an afterburner. On October 5, 1964 the Green Monster jet powered to 434.022 mph --a new land-speed record. In 1965, a revamped Green Monster driven by Art Arfons returned and shattered the record again at 576.553mph across the one-mile course. The original car was painted with left-over green tractor paint and the Green Monster name stuck with all of the later versions.


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