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1955 Chrysler Falcon

The 1955 Chrysler Falcon concept car - Recent Trivia Question


Question for this week: (New question on Wednesdays- answer on Friday)

Q: What car company produced the 1955 Falcon?

A: Chrysler. The Chrysler Falcon was a two-seater roadster concept car. It was never put into mass production, but many of the ideas and styling elements used in the Falcon would be used in other Chrysler designs.


Plymouth Valiant falcon

The 1960 Plymouth Falcon then a Valiant - Recent Trivia Question


Recent Questions:

Q: The Ford Falcon was first introduced in September 1959, what other model of car came out about the same time with the Falcon name and had to be quickly renamed when the company discovered Ford was coming out with a Falcon?

A: The Plymouth Valiant – it was originally given the Falcon name.


Q: In the 1950’s you could by an air conditioner with your VW Beetle. What did it use as cooling fluid?

A: Water or Ice cubes. The VW Thermador.


Q: Which state in the US passed the first state gas tax and when? (this was not a federal tax)

A: Oregon, Feb 25, 1919.


Q: An early race car driver became a WW1 fighter Ace and then later formed his own car company. What was the name of that car company?

A: Rickenbacker Motors, Eddie Rickenbacker was the fighter Ace.


Q: What does a Buick have in common with a bathtub?

A: David Dumbar Buick was a Detroit plumber and inventor. Among other things he invented the process of permanently coating cast iron with vitreous enamel which allowed the production of "white" baths at lower cost. The method is still in use for enameling bathtubs. In 1903 he formed the Buick Motor Company which was later bought by General Motors.


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