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1955 Cadillac Eldorado - Recent Trivia Question


Question for this week:

Q: What year were air bags first required in cars in the US for the driver and front seat passenger?

A: The Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 required passenger cars and light trucks built after September 1, 1998 to have air bags for the driver and the right front passenger.


VW Beetle

VW Beetle - Recent Trivia Question


Recent Questions:

Q: Code named “F1” in a top secret project, what luxury car debuted in September of 1989?

A: Lexus with the LS 400 model.


Q: What happened in Titusville, Pennsylvania that later paved the way for the transportation and automobile industry?

A: In 1859 Edwin Drake invented a method to drill for oil and struck oil at sixty-nine feet, creating the world’s first successful oil well. This source of crude oil opened up a new inexpensive source of power and quickly replaced whale oil in lamps. Oil or petroleum, the source of gasoline is also where asphalt comes from, used to surface roads and highways.


Q: Who was known as the “whiz kid” at Ford and the father of the Falcon and later became President of Ford Motor Company and then was later part of the administrations with two US presidents?

A: Robert McNamara. (Secretary of Defense for Kennedy and Johnson).


Q: What model of a popular make was introduced in 1953 and discontinued in 2002?

A: Cadillac Eldorado.


Q: The founder of Oldsmobile, Ransom E. Olds started his own town in 1907, what was the name of the town?

A: In 1916 a new town was born in Florida, first named R. E. Olds-On-The-Bay and then changed to Oldsmar. Olds started the town as a planned community and saturated Detroit with advertisements for his idyllic new town, hoping to lure thousands of autoworkers to the better climate. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that the town really started growing.


Q: What car in 1971 came with a key that featured a spark plug gapper, phillips screwdriver, distributor and spark plug gauge and a 1 ½ inch ruler?

A: Ford Pinto.


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