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Wayne's Garage, Serving Eugene - Springfield and Lane County's truck and car repair needs since 1973.

27 E 27th
Eugene, Oregon 97405
(541) 342-3942

333 Q Street
Springfield, Oregon 97477
(541) 746-7142

Main Pages                      
Services offered for car repair at Wayne's Garage.
Directions and maps to find our auto repair shops.
A little history of Wayne's Garage and some of our achievements.
Recent Trivia
Trivia from our "Tips and Trivia" on KUGN
Automotive Tips and Information to maintain your car and extend it's life.
Make an Appointment
Information on scheduling an appointment.
Auto Repair and Service Tips II
Past Automotive Tips and advice from Wayne's Garage.
Glossary of Auto Parts
Descriptions of common automotive parts.
More Pages on this site
Quick guide to main pages on this site.
Employment Opportunities
Employment Opportunities at both of our locations.
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Informational pages on your vehicle.
Should you keep that old car or sell it?
Your car is getting up there in mileage, should you keep it?
Buying a New or Used Car
Things to think about when purchasing a car.
More information on your engine coolant than you may want.
More important to performance and mileage than you may think. Car service & repair in Eugene and Springfield Oregon
Child Safety
Things to think about with that little one in the car.
Tuneups - What/When and Cost.
Tune ups have really changed in the last 30 years.
Tips to improve Your Gas Mileage
Better gas mileage is something we can all use.
Transmission Life
Maintain your transmission and it may outlast the car.
We don't think much about these, until the car won't start.
Brakes and ABS.
Information on Brakes and anti-lock brake systems.
Recycling and your Car
Some ideas on what to do with old parts and fluids.
A Matter of Timing
That timing belt can be a problem if neglected.
What is a Headgasket?
This gasket keeps the engine fire and water apart.
Oil Facts, Grades and Intervals
A lot of information on that lubricant the keeps the car going!
Got an intermittent problem?
Those darn intermittent problems can drive you batty!
Battery Cables
Battery problems can sometimes be related to the cables.
Certified as an Environmentally Friendly Business. 
We are doing are best to protect the environment.
Reading your Owner's Manual
There is lots of information hidden it that manual.
Unusual Cars   Some strange looking cars from the past. Automotive News    Recent and interesting news.
New Car Warranty Myth - Where you can have your car maintained
Check Engine Light  What does it mean?  What should you do?
Fuel Injectors  - What makes them Fail or get Dirty. Tire Care and Aging   Tires do not age well and are not safe when they get old.
ASE Certification      Information on technician certification. Comparing Service or Repair estimates  Shopping for repair or service is not the same as shopping for a Car or TV.
Towing with your Car   Don't end up along side
the road on your vacation.
Comparing car repair or service Quotes  Services are not always equal.
How the Clutch on your car works. What is a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
Do you have an open Recall?  

A tribute and some history on different car makes.


Nissan Ford
Toyota Jeep
Volkswagen Mazda
Hyundai Kia
Volvo Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac and Chevrolet
Audi Saturn
  Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth
Pictures of some early cars. Some unusual racing cars.
Pictures of concept cars The last Yugo and other automobile failures
The People that make the difference at Wayne's Garage.